Secure documents SaaS application

The dynamic development of Cloud Computing, the introduction of new, innovative models and approaches allows the creation of innvoative, cloud-based services. These services will be, in particular, beneficial for the SMEs and public sector, as they do not require significant investments upfront and could be used and paid according to their usage.

One innovative, cloud-based service is the Secure Documents SaaS application provided by is an experienced ICT company, which specializes in the development of the innovative and novel cloud-based services and systems. Secure Documents enables a complete, secure work flow of documents, using the most advanced encryption with distributed, asymmetric keys. The unique value of this application is distributed key handling, such that the complete key is not stored in one place. It means that only  users can access their own documents. Administrators and other high-privilege users have no access to the documents stored in the system, as the encryption keys are not passed to the application. Such an approach requires very high computational power to perform all encryption operations. Also the usage pattern for the application is not constant, as there are both peak and low usage periods. In that case, both on-premise and typical cloud deployment have to be over sized most of the time, to be able to handle the peaks of application usage.

The MELODIC platform allows for the multi-cloud, dynamic, runtime optimization. By deploying the Secure Documents applications via MELODIC, we have the benefits of dynamically managed and optimized cloud resources, due to the usage of the models@runtime method, near real time optimization. MELODIC allows to select the best deployment offer from multiple cloud providers and even more, allows to dynamically manage the application deployment. This means that:

  • in case of rising usage of the application, extra resources are allocated,
  • in case of lower application usage, the extra, unneeded resources are decommissioned.

The MELODIC Release 2.0 provides a complete, stable environment to deploy the Secure Documents SaaS catering for its continuous and optimised provisioning across multi-clouds. It also leverages the usage of the modern Cloud Computing models to unlock their potential to deploy new and innovative cloud-based services. Very important, in particular for business usage, is the minimization of the cost. It allows a much wider usage of the highly advanced and computational demanding services for SMEs and public sector.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 731664.