Melodic Release 2.0 published

We are proud to announce that the Release 2.0 of MELODIC Multi-cloud optimization platform has been published and is available to download. It’s the stable release which could be used to deploy and optimize application in the Multi-cloud environment. MELODIC Release 2.0 supports the deployment of virtual machines, Docker containers, Big Data Framework -The SPARK Big Data framework and serverless components on AWS, Azure and Open Stack platform. Melodic Release 2.0 also supports CAMEL 2.0 for the rich description of applications and big data which enables the support towards cloud agnostic application deployment in multi-clouds as well as the optimization of this deployment based on monitoring feedback. The Release 2.0 has been tested on four real business applications: Traffic Simulation by CE-Traffic, CRM by CAS, Secure Document and Genom processing by

We really encourage to download and use the MELODIC here »